Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Smearing Has Already Begun

Morning Read: 'Blooming Flowers or a Parks Commissioner?'
Years of bilge from the tabloids ahead.  A couple of rags owned by billionaires are going to take a break from hurling feces at each other and spend the next four years inventing fake controversies to smear the first Democratic mayor in twenty years. 

The right-wing smear machine is already in motion.  Already working to construct the bullshit narratives they'll be employing to try to derail policy over the next few years.
"Bill de Blasio's decision to move to Gracie Mansion was presented differently in the city's two tabloids. The New York Post--with an "OCCUPY GRACIE" headline--played up the move as a contradiction with his populist messaging, emphasizing that Mr. de Blasio is going to be with the "elite" in "one of the city's wealthiest enclaves." While the Daily News--under the print headline "WAS THAT SO HARD?--played up Mr. de Blasio's inability to make decisions by writing that "the delay raised questions whether he is an indecisive manager." A sarcastic editorial followed up: "Which will come first: blooming flowers or a parks commissioner?""
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