Monday, July 29, 2013

Circle of Life: Mastellone's Moves on So That Pacific Green May Live

Mastellone's Italian Deli Closing, Gives Space to Pacific Green Gourmet

And also, presumably, so that the Mastellone's owners can retire comfortably. And god bless 'em. 

This is sad, but doesn't hit me as hard as say, Good Foods closing, for two reasons. One, it's not my regular Italian specialty place (and I'm loathe to lose any, but we shop where we shop and I've still got Caputo's … or one of the meat stores for other things.  Two, instead of housing another bank, it's saving the Pacific Green that will soon be evicted from their current space. 

Best thing to do is to be happy for the people who poured their lives into the business and had a good opportunity to move on.  And hope we hold onto every precious home style Italian deli we have left!

The last chance to get their salted mozzarella will be Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

Valid points; however, we still lose a source of Italian specialties and prepared food, and this will not be replaced. Also, for those residents not so able-bodied or for those who do not get off work at a reasonable hour, Caputo's is either a hike or closes too early. Finally, Pacific Green moving 8 blocks away will no longer serve many of its former customers while cannibalizing K&Y market that is only a few doors down. A sad day for sure.

Gary Reilly said...

Your points are all valid as well . . . and in between writing the post and reading your comment, I talked to Mrs. Firstandcourt. Her reaction:
"Oh no! I shop there all the time!"

I still miss Good Foods and their prosciutto balls.