Friday, June 14, 2013

Amazon "Bic for Her" Customer reviews

Hilarious. This is one meme I can get behind - outlandish reviews for
run of the mill products.

"Normally I only use pens designed and created for real men, in
colours appropriate to such instruments of masculinity - black like my
chest hair or blue like the steely glint of my eyes, or the metallic
paintwork of my convertible Mustang sportscar. Imagine then the
situation I found myself in when, upon taking delivery of another
shipment of motorbike parts and footballs, I reached for and grasped
not my normal BIC pen, but a `BIC for Her Amber Medium Ballpoint Pen'
(evidently ordered by my well-meaning, but ill-informed girlfriend
whilst my back was turned). I knew something was wrong when I had to
physically restrain my hands, gnarled and worn from a lifetime of
rock-climbing and shark wrestling, from crushing the fragile implement
like a Faberge egg. Things only went downhill from there."

Typos courtesy of my iPhone

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