Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trailer trash: Abandoned big rig left to rust on Flatbush Avenue • The Brooklyn Paper

This problem of passing the buck amongst City agencies has been criticized by Public Advocate Bill deBlasio.  One of his proposals as a candidate for Mayor is to force the first agency that takes the call that has the capability to address the problem to actually do so.  A good idea.  One that would address this abandoned tractor trailer on Flatbush.
Someone apparently abandoned a tractor-trailer on a section of Flatbush Avenue near the Brooklyn Botanic Garden months ago — and no department in the city is taking responsibility for cleaning it up."I have seen this tractor-trailer abandoned since at least November," said Olgierd Bilanow, a Ditmas Park resident who passes the big rig frequently while walking through Prospect Park.
And isn't this incredibly irresponsible?  There could be radioactive toxic waste or a dead body on there for all we know.  

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