Wednesday, April 10, 2013

People Magazine Profiles Anthony Weiner

Did I say People?  My mistake
Early this morning, The New York Times Magazine published an extensive, 8,400-word profile of former Congressman Anthony Weiner, his wife Huma Abedin and their life since an infamous social media-induced scandal destroyed his political career. The piece directly addressed the topic most political observers are interested in: "Weiner quickly put all the speculation to rest: he is eyeing the mayor's race."
Is this a joke?  I think Weiner would have an honest shot at Comptroller, Public Advocate or Borough President with that war chest.  But a Mayoral run would just be a farce. 

If he were to somehow win the primary, he'd expose himself to vicious attacks in the general, possibly giving us another Republican mayor.

Weiner was actually a great voice on health insurance policy when he was in the House, and I wish he was able to tough it out without stepping down.  But between needing to recover his family situation and the specter of redistricting I can understand why bowed out.  I'd be open to seeing him run for office again - what he did shouldn't be the end of a career.  But not Mayor, not this year.

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