Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Thoughts On The 7 Extension Study

"The questions though outweigh the answer. First, the report dispatches with the idea of any additional stations on the New Jersey side of the tunnel. It should at least contain a stop in Hoboken, if not a second prior to the Secaucus terminal. Second, the section on legal issues raises a number of concerns that warrant more than a few paragraphs in this feasibility study."
I said in my post that I was agnostic on the alignment of an extension of the 7.  That's not quite accurate.  If we do Gateway, I'm not sold on the Secaucus alignment for a 7 extension.  It could be a good destination. But what I'd really like to see is real NYC subway service in the densely populated towns (and those with potential to be densely populated) across the Hudson. Even if Secaucus is the terminus, there should be stops along the way. 

Again, my views on the 7 extension are premised on the idea that we do the Gateway project first or concurrently. And with Gateway in place, a 7 train to Secaucus that skips key population centers in Hudson County would be a boondoggle of Xanadu proportions. 

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