Thursday, April 25, 2013

Modern Farmer | Who Can Stop These Adorable Pigs?

So you watched "Wild Hogs" with Travolta and friends, and thought, "How could this get any worse?"

"This may seem like a ludicrous pitch for a doomsday blockbuster or a leftover gag fromBabe: Pig in the City or an excuse to put even more bacon in our diet but the fact is, wild pigs have overrun the planet. To wit: Pig populations are nearing a million in the state of Florida, encroaching on urban areas and destroying an F-16 fighter plane in Jacksonville. Feral pigs arerunning (hog) wild in the streets of Berlin, with dedicated pig squads waging a losing battle to overtake them. They've become a fixture on the West Bank, after Israeli settlers, some say, released boars to destroy Palestinian croplands. There are even thousands of radioactive wild pigs wandering Europe, thanks to the tainted feeding grounds near Chernobyl."

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