Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cretin Mugs Woman At Borough Park Subway Station, Now Behind Bars

Be careful out there - there's still no shortage of idiots out there,
and some of them ride the F train.
A man caught beating down a 56-year-old woman during a subway robbery
in Borough Park wore a college fraternity sweatshirt with his nickname
on it, law enforcement sources said.
Aidan Folan, 21, was caught on camera wearing his favorite Alpha Phi
Delta hoodie with custom lettering on the back that reads, "Stugotz
27," sources added. The Italian slang term roughly translates to
"testicles" and is so loved by the suspect he chose it and the number
"27" for his Facebook page, sources added.
I'm glad the victim is ok. And the alleged perpetrator should be
entered into a lottery for World's Stupidest Criminals.

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Anonymous said...

I have respect for those who sell candybars, and whatever to make some money. Instead of being a thief like this thief that attacked a 56yr old.
shame on you aiden for being a thief. NO EXCUSE. sell water, or beg.....