Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cicadas Are Coming!

No link to Daily Intel, Fox News, or MyCentralJersey or whatever it was where I first saw the cicada reminders yesterday.  All were negative stories - and to hell with them I say. Cicadas are awesome. 

Totally harmless to people, and an excellent protein windfall to basically every other animal in the ecosystem.  It's a 4-6 week buffet for birds, mammals, and even turtles and amphibians. 

Plus, what kid hadn't been fascinated by the discovery of the husk left behind on a tree trunk when the mature cicada emerges to loudly cruise the neighborhood for sex before passing on?

More information on cicadas here from a previous, different species emergence in 2011:


Mike Carter said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. I saw a report about this on the news last night and I was honestly freaked out. I'm definitely going to invest in some safari insecticide so I can protect my back yard.

Gary Reilly said...

Why? They're harmless. And then you won't see them for another 17 years. They burrow underground and drink sap from the tree roots for 17 years before briefly emerging, mating, and dying