Tuesday, April 9, 2013

340 Court Street Has Got It Going On

Photo via Pardon Me For Asking
A facade, that is.  Although given the phenomenal sales results the building has produced the phrase works double duty.  As Katia notes, the facade is a marked improvement from the funereal proposal that was first out before the community back in 2008(?).
Work on  Union Sackett, the 32 unit condominium development on Court Street between Union and Sackett Streets has steadily progressed all through winter and finally, the 7-story building is getting its façade.   Whereas the top floors of this Rogers Marvel-designed building are clad in glass, the lower floors are getting  a 'brownstone' treatment.   Large dark brown panels are currently being installed on the Union Street side as well as on the Sackett Street side.  Just yesterday, the first such panels have gone up on the side facing Court Street.
I love the lighting in this shot.

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