Wednesday, February 20, 2013

West Side vs. East Side (Access): Upper West Side May Get Metro-North Stop | Observer

This is good. The Co-op City station alone will get a lot of people out of their cars. 

"West Side Access, as the plan is being called, would involve building a number of new stations within New York City, on the West Side and the Bronx, which would see direct service to Penn Station operated by Metro-North Railroad. The plan has been under consideration for decades, but will finally be added to the MTA's next five-year capital construction program due out in 2014, according to Newsday. Compared to the $8.24 billion East Side Access project, West Side Access would be downright cheap: in the "hundreds of millions of dollars," according to MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan."

If really like to get a peak at the rest of the contenders for the MTA's next 5 year capital plan. 

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