Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Universal Pre-K. Now.

Happily this policy is concurrently being pushed by both Obama and
DeBlasio. While I have a child now (awesome!) this has been my
position since long before we had our daughter. And since Atrios makes
the point so well, I'm going to copy his whole post:

"I support taxing the hell out of me and everybody else to make this
happen. I don't claim deep knowledge about the research, other than
that "pre-k is good and cost effective," but intuitively the benefits
are pretty obvious. Whether you support the view of poor parents as
being irresponsible unemployed drug addicts, or the view of poor
parents as having insufficient time to nurture their children due to
their attempts to make enough money by working 3 jobs, in both cases
the issue is that poor parents are failing to provide time, attention,
and education for their kids.

It's a low cost way to dramatically improve human welfare of the
parents and the kids. Do it."

Do it now.

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