Thursday, February 7, 2013

mcbrooklyn: SUNY's Hearing on Killing Off LICH: Real Estate, Fraud, and Politics

mcbrooklyn has an excellent roundup on the LICH saga/farce/travesty
that is unfolding, including a compelling quote from Councilman Brad

"If you close LICH now, you will be abandoning a 150-year-old
investment in Brooklyn's health care infrastructure, which we will
never be able to recreate anywhere in the vicinity of downtown or
brownstone Brooklyn. Many recent events have shown the need to
maintain and invest in our infrastructure. You would be doing the
opposite – selling off essential infrastructure for cash, rather than
investing in it. This unfortunately raises the very real question of
whether SUNY Downstate ever really intended to turn LICH around."

All aspects of the SUNY-LICH merger as well as the dealings under
Continuum bear close scrutiny by regulatory agencies and elective
bodies with subpoena power. There is a huge amount of money at stake.
Cui bono?

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