Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Wishes the Press Would Let Obama Golf in Peace

Bloomberg is right, and Ed Henry is a petulant clown. Ed's idea of
hard-hitting journalism is to turn the WHCA into Tiger Beat or

"Mr. Obama and Mr. Woods golfed last weekend and some media outlets
were frustrated that they were not granted a glimpse of the two
together. Indeed, Fox News' Ed Henry, president of the White House
Correspondents Association said they were just "asking for is a brief
exception, quick access, a quick photo-op on the 18th green." He
added, "It's not about golf—it's about transparency and access in a
broader sense."

Transparency! Ed Henry couldn't care less about executive privilege
abuse or secret memos justifying extra-judicial drone killings but by
God if the President plays golf with a celebrity the public must see

Just like Bill Hemmer, Ed Henry was obviously a tool when he was at
CNN, but didn't truly let the mask drop until Fox News picked him up.

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