Friday, February 22, 2013

Kalamazoo Gals Book Event @ Retrofret Vintage Guitars

Something interesting that landed in my inbox and looks like a cool event.  Rosie the Riveter meets rock n roll. 

"On March 2, 2013 during Women's History Month, from 5 to 8pm  Retrofret
Vintage Guitars will host an informal gathering, discussion and book
signing to celebrate the women guitar builders of Kalamazoo and Mr. Thomas'
book "Kalamazoo Gals – A Story of Extraordinary Women & Gibson's Banner Guitars of WWII."

This unique book event will be held  at the equally unique Retrofret
Vintage Guitars Shop in the historic industrial Gowanus Canal section of
Brooklyn. Retrofret's Steve Uhrik (owner & master luthier) and Mamie Minch (head of repair) invite you to our shop from 5 to 8PM that evening."

I'm continually amazed by the variety of business and happenings going on right under my nose but just out of sight.  There's so much going on around here, and the landscape ever changing, you could never be fully aware if it all. 

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