Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hey Cigarette Smokers, Maybe We Should Stop Flicking Our Butts?: Gothamist

Nice to see a smoker put this on print.  Littering is a major pet peeve of mine, and smokers aren't exempt.

Tossing your butts on the ground, in the gutter, or out the window of your vehicle is lazy, selfish and disgusting behavior.  It's also bad for the environment, as that detritus ends up in our rivers and on beaches. And of course, there are the occasional fires.

I'd be happy if the City passed a law with a relatively low fine specific to butt littering (comparable to a parking ticket) and handed them out aggressively. As it is I have never once seen a littering citation issued, even when a smoker throws down right in front of a police officer.  I don't know how this has just come to be accepted behavior, but it shouldn't be.

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Anonymous said...

You can add coffee containers and dog poop to the list.

Gary Reilly said...

I'm with you there. Would like to see the city add more Big Belly litter cans along Court Street . . . perhaps the Court Street Merchants will consider forming a BID at some point. That would help a lot with the general litter problem.