Tuesday, February 12, 2013

EPA Gowanus CAG Update: Douglass-Greene, 5th Street, More

PMFA has a detailed post up on Monday night's Gowanus Canal CAG
meeting. As I suspected, the serious contamination of the
Douglass-Greene Pool/Park site is a prime consideration in the
proposal to site a retention basin on that property.


While I'm sure that will be a blow to those who rely on the pool,
we've got to do our best to get this cleaned up right, and if the site
must be excavated it is a prime location for a retention tank.

The proposed tank, of course, would hold sewage that would otherwise
course into the Gowanus during a rain storm. Once the rain has
stopped and the sewer system is back under capacity, the sewage would
go to the confusingly named Red Hook Sewage Treatment Plant at the
Brooklyn Navy Yard.

My understanding is that once the tank is covered over, you would
never even know it was there.

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