Friday, February 22, 2013

Capitalism! Amazon Style

Our apartment is great.  Love living in an old brownstone, the character, the high ceilings, etc.  But a 100+ year old building has its quirks.  We have two closets in the shared hall where the dumbwaiter once was, and two more in the apartment that a previous tenant built out of wood.  They're not wired and don't have any lights.  We bought a two-pack of these battery powered LED motion-sensor lights at Costco a few months back and I mounted them in the hall closets.  Life changing.  Fantastic.  I finally got around to a Costco shop on Monday and couldn't find the lights this time.  Mazzone's didn't have them either.  But then I remembered Amazon has virtually everything under the sun, and sure enough here they are.  I just ordered another pair of these lights for our clothes closets.

Full disclosure, if you click that link, decide you want these and buy them on the spur of the moment, Amazon will credit my account a few pennies or whatever it is their affiliate program pays.

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