Saturday, February 16, 2013

American Assassinations For Dummies

One of the bits of conservative cognitive dissonance that makes me
want to bang my head against a tree is "American Exceptionalism". The
very same people who proudly proclaim their adherence to the concept
often derisively apply the pejorative "moral relativism" on political

American Exceptionalism is the great excuse these moral degenerates
and cowards use to justify their casual disregard for the rule of law,
human rights, international law, and the golden rule.

What takes real courage and honor is introspection and self
improvement. In a Democracy it's up to all if us to keep our
government honest, and to punish those who abuse it's powers.

And I'll say this as a staunch Democrat: It's an outrage that the
Obama administration has done more to prosecute whistleblowers than to
prosecute the unlawful excesses of the Bush administration. Indeed,
in some areas the Obama administration has been even more aggressive
(drone strikes, whistleblower persecution) than his predecessor. We
have to be better than this.

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