Thursday, February 7, 2013

Alleged Attempted Burglaries on 2nd and 3rd Place

From the local listserve:

A neighbor told me today that a man was seen trying to jimmy open my
lobby inner door last week during the day. He was seen later doing
the same on 3rd place. He was described with dark hair, a beard and
a backwards cap. Cops questioned him bc somebody thought him
suspicious but could not detain him. I think i saw him standing by
116, 114, 112 2nd place recently
I did hear some talk about a rash of break ins recently in the hood.
Keep an eye out. And spread the word.

Fortunately the 76th Precinct is good about staying on top of these
things, especially burglary. Burglars are most often habitual or
recidivist offenders, and susceptible to good police work.

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