Friday, February 1, 2013

A letter from the principal of MS 448 to the Chancellor

The administration and staff of PS58 really are an amazing and
remarkable bunch. We are blessed to have a fantastic public school to
be proud of in Carroll Gardens. When we suddenly and unexpectedly had
two children in our care two years ago, the team at 58 was a lifesaver
and integrated them seamlessly into the community (some parents were
pretty amazing too).

I'm really looking forward to Vaughan's first day of kindergarten in a
few more years. Bottom line, it's a wonderful place for kids to grow

> Dear Chancellor Walcott,
> Late this morning I received a call from PS58: their school was being evacuated because of a bomb threat and over 900 students were on the way to our building, 610 Henry Street. I contacted School Safety and the other leaders in our building as well as several key staff members. We cleared our gym and auditorium schedule, changing a few lunch plans and opened both rooms for the PS58 staff and students. In less than 10 minutes the auditorium was full and the evacuated students were calmly watching The Lorax. All the adults from PS58 were calm and well organized, and as a result, not one child seemed upset or scared. We were notified right away about students with medical and food needs, and 610 Henry staff were ready and willing to help out. Our cooks started preparing extra lunch - but before we needed to serve it PS58 was deemed sI safe and just as quickly and efficiently as they arrived, they headed back to their school.
> I can't say enough about how impressed I was by everyone from PS58 and by the welcoming staff of 610 Henry Street. I was so proud to see such good work in action. Kudos to Giselle McGee and everyone at PS58.
> Thanks to all,
> Alyce
> Alyce Barr
> Principal
> Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies
> 610 Henry Street Brooklyn, NY 11231
> web

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