Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Can Someone Explain Why Facebook's CFO Should Be Fired For Getting An Awesome Deal? | Techdirt Lite

Unrelated to the neighborhood or politics, but fits into another
favorite subject: incompetent, corrupted journalism.

Andrew Ross Sorkin is the poster boy for access journalism, a
shameless shill for the powerful and fluffer of his sources. He is an
entertainer, not a journalist.

The CFO at Facebook isn't the incompetent or the fool here. That
would be the body of gullible idiots that thought Facebook, in a
business with low barriers to entry, was worth the obscene valuation
they demanded to share ownership. Mark Zuckerberg put $1 BILLION cash
in his pocket and retained voting control of his company.

Personally I think Zuckerberg is probably a rapacious asshole, based
on the various stories I've read in the press. But he's no fool. From
the insider's perspective, the Facebook IPO was the greatest success

Sorkin is just the worst.

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