Thursday, March 3, 2011

Continued Fallout From Court Street Gas Leak

1st Place was closed between Court and Smith Streets yesterday while ConEd crews cut a trench on the right side of the street.  1st Place block resident Barbara Brookhart shared some information on the utility work on the CGNA listserve:

Update on the aftermath of the gas leak in front of the CVS store on Court Street.   When the utilities were fixing the leak, they accidentally cut a water line, and Court Street had to be closed because the water was cascading down to Hamilton Avenue.

I haven't talked to anybody about this, so these are my observations while doing errands in the hood.  Can't help to think that everything seemed to have gone wrong with the repair of the gas leak.  But, thank goodness, we were lucky to not have had a San Bruno-type gas explosion, because you could smell the gas a block away.

The contractor still hasn’t sufficiently patched the cut in the street after fixing the various leaks (gas/water).  The sidewalk from 1st to 2nd Place was cut in the last week to install yellow plastic pipes for some utility. Construction barriers are in place on the sidewalk from 1st to 2nd Place.

Con Ed cut the street, next to the curb, on First Place yesterday to install new yellow plastic pipes for electricity yesterday.  A worker said that electricity was accidently cut for 122 First Place during the gas leak fiasco, and ever since, the building has had their electricity spliced from a light pole.  The worker mentioned that water was also accidently cut for a building on 2nd Place during the fiasco.

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ajlounyinjurylaw said...

You mentioned the San Bruno incident and it comes to mind that the continuing fall out is a welcome exchange from otherwise devastation of a gas leak explosion.