Friday, February 6, 2009

Tolls Bros. Price Chopping: Bigger Than We Thought

Brownstoner makes a catch that Curbed missed yesterday: penthouse units at Northside Piers have been chopped 35-37%!

Again: what does this bode for the Toll Bros. Gowanus project?

It looks more and more likely that Toll will get its approvals for the site (outside of the overall rezoning of the Gowanus, where it should have been included) and either sit on or sell off it's newly acquired approvals.

The approval process has been an absolute disgrace. This rezoning should never have been reviewed outside of the greater Gowanus rezoning. It's not too late for the City agencies to do the right thing and roll this parcel into the broader Gowanus rezoning, but given the current administration, I am not holding my breath.

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Anonymous said...

We now need all here in our community to let any, and every, City Councilman know that the citizens of this city do not want Toll to build here along the open sewer, known as the Gowanus.
NY City Council holds their public hearing on Wed morning, March 4. If you can't attend, please make sure you call, write, or email your city councilman.

And call your other elected officials to ask that federal stimulus funds not be used to fund a development like this.