Friday, November 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton next SoS; Nydia Velazquez to Senate?

Looking pretty certain at this point that Obama will appoint Hillary to Secretary of State . . . I was pretty sure that Hillary would get (offered) prominent placement in the Obama administration, and this could go a long way to satisfying Hillary supporters. I think she'd do a good job.

Of more pressing importance for us in NY is who will get her seat? I'm hoping for Nydia Velazquez, currently one of our solid local Congressmembers (I'm in Yvette Clarke's district, but right near the edge and the two districts are adjacent.)

There will be tough competition for the spot I'm sure, especially as upstate residents clamor for the seat. But Velazquez would be an excellent candidate for the spot, and certainly good for NYC just when we need federal help more than ever.


Anonymous said...

Velazquez has strong community roots that she could ramp-up nicely as a senator. Good call.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Velazquez will get chosen since she and Schumer both live near each other in "brownstone Brooklyn." How unfair would it seem to people outside of NYC to have both US Senators from New York live in the same City Council District?

Anonymous said...

Think about it, if you won the City Council race, both US Senators would be your constituents!

Anonymous said...

How about this for a long shot? Patterson does the Obama administration a favor by appointing Bill Clinton to the Senate seat which would keep him busy at home and somewhat out of foreign affairs. NY would then have a former senator as SOS and a former president as junior senator. On a more practical note I would love to see Velaszquez as a senator, Although Patterson may be concerned about concerns from upstate that all of the political power is from NYC and thus appoint an upstater.

gary said...

"How about this for a long shot?"

I think I'd drop dead of a heart attack if that happened!

I'm not sure Patterson is going to run again . . . so he might not care so much about offending upstaters.

This one's got me guessing. Fun to speculate though!

Aparna said...

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