Tuesday, July 8, 2008

City Council Campaign Event

For those of you following the campaign, the Brooklyn Paper covered our fundraising event on Monday June 30th. I owe a debt of gratitude to Hilary Meyer and David Caress for signing in guests and allowing me to spend all of my time talking and listening to constituents. Thanks also to our friends Lou and Dave at Layla Jones for hosting us in their space.

We raised nearly $2,000 that night, which will yield an additional $10,000 in matching funds from the Campaign Finance Board. While I wouldn't wish the paperwork on anyone, the campaign finance system allows the average citizen an opportunity to compete with the candidates who raise tens of thousands from developers, and that is a great thing.

We recently added to Team Reilly: Bart Robbett will be working with us throughout the campaign on media and mailing. Ben Schaffer's Media Mezcla will be putting together a top notch website for the campaign. We'll be rolling that out in a couple of weeks.

It's going to be a great campaign. I'm looking forward to hearing from as many people as I can about the issues affecting the workers and families and transit riders of Brooklyn.

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