Saturday, May 10, 2008

One Last Post On Fossella

Commenter Slappy over at Gothamist had this to say on the latest news on Fossella:
So tired of hearing about the sex lives of politicians. Its their political, not personal actions that are important. If there was more expose about what they are doing that really affects all of us, it might be more interesting. But I don't really care about their personal lives.

Ben Franklin contracted syphilis. Poor guy. So what.

It's a good point. I take some glee when real family values hypocrites like Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, or others flame out. And I'll be glad to see Fossella lose his seat in the election later this year. But it's HYPOCRISY that makes me angry, not who's shtupping who or has engaged in some stupid drunken behavior.

Excessive prying into people's private failings is corrosive, and ultimately, the calls on Fossella to resign his job are overblown. What if your banker, insurance agent, personal trainer, doctor, or other professional exhibited the same failings? Should they be forced to quit as penance? Wear a scarlet letter?

Fossella will almost certainly lose his seat in November. He's damaged his family life, perhaps irreparably. But nowhere has it been said that these failings had anything to do with his job performance. The people can choose to turn him out of office in November, or he can decide not to run again. But resignation? Let's keep some perspective here.

I say this as a staunch Democrat who is eagerly looking forward to picking up that seat. But let's keep our fairness and humanity intact. I wonder how perfect are those who are piously calling for Vito Fossella's head right now.


libhom said...

DWI is not a private failing. It is a public danger.

gary said...

No question it is a public danger. And in my opinion it is not grounds for removal from office. He could resign out of disgrace, but I don't think he's obligated to.

I also don't think Spitzer should have resigned for his hooker problem, stupid as it was. In my book the bar for resignation of an elected official is pretty high . . . fraud, corruption, obstruction of justice, bribery, etc.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.