Friday, May 9, 2008


Three cheers to Louise Crawford of Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn and her team for putting together an incredible event. I wasn't expecting a crowd of that size, or such a well organized production. Or such good beer - hats off to Outside In for providing some excellent beverages for the occasion . . . and a pretty cool "place blogging" service as well.

Morgan Pehme over at Brooklyn Optimist shares his thoughts and posts the cool film he put together . . . a tribute to photo bloggers set to some rousing industrial music.

Good to see old friends like Katia Kelly (Pardon Me for Asking), Bob Guskind (Gowanus Lounge) and Ben Kabak (Second Avenue Sagas) . . . and also to meet familiar bloggers like Kevin from Forgotten NY Anne from Sustainable Flatbush, the guys from Fading Ad blog and Dan from

Good times!

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