Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Verizon FiOS vs. Time Warner: About Damn Time

The Sun reports (via Curbed) that Verizon will be getting into the cable & internet business in our fair city.
Verizon said 30% of the new network would be built by the end of 2008, 50% by the end of 2010, and 100% by 2014. The first consumers who would be able to access the new service would be residents of Staten Island, by the end of this year.

For anyone who has dealt with the absolutely inexcusable, god-awful service from Time Warner Cable, this is akin to a child discovering his schoolbooks are made of delicious candy.

I've got a lot of problems with Verizon (and AT&T) as a corporate citizen, given their role in enabling the Bush administration's illegal spying. But that is a matter to be dealt with separately through Congress and the courts.

The competition is welcome and sorely needed. And from what I've heard, the FiOS fiber optic internet is much faster than Time Warner. Game on.

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Anonymous said...

Searching FIOS, I find that they have been removing the copper wire landline connections in order to remove the choice of returning to a cheaper service. So now you can't have phone service that works in a power failure. That's a big safety advantage. Verizon has to share copper cables, not FIOS.