Monday, April 28, 2008

Governor's Island Renderings: Development Zones?

In all the talk about non-park uses for parts of Governor's Island (e.g. NYU campus, Bond villain stronghold, etc.), I always assumed that the development would be on the NORTHERN half of the Island . . . but if you look at the rendering above (thanks Gothamist!) there are large "Development Zones" in three places in the southern half of the island. Actually, two of the zones are separated only by a "Construction Site" . . . so maybe that's really just one huge "development zone".

Hmm. Then what are they going to put in all the historic buildings?

If I recall correctly, none of the earlier renderings hinted at these expansive "Development Zones" on the southern half of G. I. Am I wrong?

PS - I was and am a big fan of this park design. But let's keep the process transparent, and not have some bait and switch, where we end up with 'Trump Island' condotels on both shores of this thing.


Betty Chen, GIPEC said...

The Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation (GIPEC) is pursuing a multi-phased, mixed-use development strategy for the Island. It begins with the early creation of a world-class park and integrates development on both the North Island and South Island with the public open space. This development will include tenants occupying renovated historic buildings as well as new construction.
A big challenge is to find the right mix of uses that are viable, have sufficient financial support, and that can be phased in as the Island comes back to life. Over time Governors Island will become home to a vibrant mix of commercial and not-for-profit uses, including hospitality, educational, recreational and cultural entities.
GIPEC continues to welcome ideas for the re-use of the historic buildings and new development on the South Island. Many people believe Governors Island is an ideal location for a think tank, a conference center, hotels, and educational programs and housing. To find the best tenants and make sure the process is fair and transparent, GIPEC will issue “Requests for Proposals” (RFP) for these new uses.
Please see our website for more information:
1. Diagram showing Governors Island Illustrative Framework Diagram including development zones on North and South Island-
2. Presentations including a series of illustrative renderings -
3. More information on the strategy -
posted by Betty Chen, VP Planning and Design, GIPEC

gary said...

Thank you Betty.

I'm having a bit of Acrobat trouble right now, but I will check out the pdfs when I am home later.

I can certainly support some type of development on G.I. but the devil is in the details. For example, the NYU possibility that was floated I could support. A CUNY campus would also work for me.

More condos is a nonstarter, and I'd be highly skeptical of a hotel, especially a back-door condotel of the type Trump is currently erecting by the Holland Tunnel.