Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Mia and I pulled the lever for Obama this morning. Turnout was the heaviest I've seen it over at good old P.S. 58. I think Obama will do surprisingly well in NY, especially in NYC.

Obviously, if you're reading this I hope you will vote for Obama as well. There is a tremendous amount of energy in his campaign, and we will need to harness that for the general election. The theme of the 2008 election will be change, and our primary should be about change as well. New blood, new ideas, a new politics . . . Obama. Beyond that, I strongly believe that Hillary Clinton is the ONE candidate on either side of the aisle that will inspire the wingnuts to get out and vote . . . against Hillary.

I don't care for Hillary for a variety of reasons, not least of which was her positioning on Iraq. But the right wingers have a blinding, irrational hatred of her that I find difficult to fathom, and that venomous hatred will drive them to the polls, even as Paul McRomnabee, whoever the GOP winner is, leaves them uninspired. Is that fair? Of course not. But it is the reality as I see it.

Also there is a bake sale conveniently located in the hallway. So do your civic duty, and reward yourself with a tasty treat.

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