Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Late Night, Lazy Morning Roundup: Election, Toll Brothers, 116 3rd Place

A long day and then a couple hours vegging in front of election coverage. We've got a race on our hands, possibly into the convention.

Obama took the gloves off for a few minutes and laid a few shots into Clinton, which was good. I don't think the Hillary camp ever anticipated that it would come to this point: neck and neck after "Super-Duper Tuesday". But here we are.

In other news, Toll Brothers, the luxury housing developer, reported it's seventh straight quarter of declining sales. Begs the question of just how soon Toll will be in a position to develop along the Gowanus. I'm betting no time soon.

Katia has some pictures of the out-of-scale enlargement at 116 3rd Place. This building fascinates me, partly because I used to live directly behind it, and so I had a rather intimate acquaintance with it's construction up until May 2007. I can remember being excited to see them laying in radiant flooring. I can remember being horrified to see the three extra stories added on top. Actually, I can remember the day I was taking a shower and realized that the workers were now high enough to see right into the window of my fourth floor bathroom. Alas, no more cool breezes. As Katia notes, adding the mansard roof level would have made for a lovely addition. But those final two levels stick out like a sore thumb.

And then, via Curbed, to see (1) the hideous renderings of the interiors on Corcoran's site (really? a fake zebra carpet?) and (2) the prices they're asking - $2.7MM for the top unit (I can't bring myself to call it a penthouse when it's not in a highrise building . . . even if that term is technically correct).

I don't quite know what to say.

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