Monday, January 7, 2008

The Toxic Role of the Vacuous Beltway Media

Glenn Greenwald has a great post on the way the establishment media corrupts the discourse. Of note among many transgressions is the under-reporting on John Edwards, who has been largely ignored by this crowd, despite . . . well anything he does. Unless he gets a haircut. That, of course, is hard news.

I'll update this when I get a chance, just wanted to get a quick post in. But look at the dramatic improvement in Edwards national numbers over the past 11 days . . . and yet, the dominant narrative is about a Clinton-Obama race. The narrative is false; Hillary WILL NOT be the Democratic nominee. The ultimate choice will be between Obama and Edwards. I like 'em both, but Edwards is the more progressive candidate.

Ultimately, the ONLY way we can lose the election is by nominating Clinton. And I don't think itwill happen.

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