Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire Predictions and Hopes

Edwards will do better than expected. Hillary will do worse than expected. Obama will win as expected. My Hope: Edwards ties or beats Hillary.

Ron Paul will do better than expected, beating both Thompson and Captain Combover, Rudy 9-11-ani. Huckabee will beat expectations. No prediction on the Mitt/McCain order.

Post NH Prediction AND Hope:
The Democratic race becomes a two-candidate race between Edwards and Obama. As the myth of Hillary's inevitability is smashed, her supporters (mostly lured by her supposed invincibility) defect in droves. Remaining are the 20-30 people who are actually passionate about a Hillary presidency.

And just MAYBE . . . that the media will be forced to take seriously campaigns by non-corporate candidates.

NEXT DAY UPDATE: And that's why I don't get paid to predict these things.

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