Monday, January 14, 2008

More Details re: Breaking on Boerum

Just a little background color, relayed from a member of the RE community:
Hi – This developer . . . went to the Bureau of Standards & Appeals asking for a variance - claiming hardship because he needed to build a ‘hotel’ on this property to make construction economically feasible (instead of a condo with retail on the ground floor).
The (sometimes active) Zoning committee of Atlantic Ave. (made up of AALDC, BHA & AABBA) + some other neighbors pointed out that a hotel on this spot – with the parking, taxi and bus pick-ups, etc. - near to the dangerous intersection of Atlantic & Boerum Place - is not acceptable! B of S & A agreed!
I had heard that this property would be up for auction and this confirms it.

Interesting stuff. More as I get it.

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