Thursday, January 3, 2008

Edwards for President

While I still think Obama could make a good president, over the past several months I've found myself gravitating to Edwards more and more. This diary speaks to some of the reasons why.

At base, I strongly identify with Edwards' populist message; there really are two Americas, and the gulf between them has widened to a sickening, seemingly bottomless crevasse. I don't want a candidate who thinks he/she can work better with the Republicans. I want a candidate that will fight!

And that candidate is John Edwards. I've been arguing to friends for the past couple of months that as the economy continues o weaken, as the fraud and chicanery in the financial markets unravels, that Edwards populist message will become more and more attractive. To an extent, it's happening already, but will only accelerate through November. In any event, two months ago I was arguing for Edwards to make a strong showing in Iowa.

My prediction and hope is (1) Edwards, (2) Obama, (3) Clinton.

As for the GOP clownfest, I have no predictions, except to say that the lumbering Fred Thompson will finally give it up, and Rudy will get shellacked.

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