Thursday, January 31, 2008

Congestion Pricing Plan Announced

Via Streetsblog, which has a link to the full report:
"Compared to the Mayor’s plan, the Commission’s plan has considerably lower operating and capital costs and a simpler fee structure. By increasing both the cost of taxi trips and parking within the zone, the plan ensures that those who live inside the zone also pay for auto use. The plan will also reduce traffic in neighborhoods adjacent to the zone, decrease vehicle emissions, and benefit the City and regional economy."

This is encouraging for a couple of reasons: (1) The plan is better than the Mayor's original proposal, and (2) included in the Plan is a provision for Residential Parking Permits (RPP), which are important to prevent "park and ride" behavior that defeats the purpose of congestion pricing.

More on this in the coming weeks. And don't forget, we have the RPP forum coming up on Monday night:
February 4, 2008 7:00 pm
St. Francis College Auditorium
Remsen St.
Brooklyn Heights
Organized by: Council Members David Yassky, Letitia James and Bill DeBlasio and the Boerum Hill Association, Brooklyn Heights Association, Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association, Clinton Hill Association, Cobble Hill Association, Concord Village, Fort Greene Association, Park Slope Civic Council, Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council

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Anonymous said...

I would think this new policy proposal is worse is some respects than original. 1st proposal did not charge the $8 for FDR - new one does. Could this not make problems on BQE worse?
Even London's plan has route right thru middle that allows free passage.
I do like the fact of surcharge for taxi/livery - but I think should be more like $5. To me - they are biggest source of congestion in midtown - not private cars. I've read that 1/2 of all trips WITHIN midtown are by taxi/livery -and this is where public transit options are strongest.
Also - what affect will this have on small business that pay the $20 for truck - what is there incentive to stay located in NYC and not move location to NJ?