Monday, December 17, 2007

Illegal Curb Cuts - End the Madness

You've seen it. The New York Times even did an article with pictures last year of the ones on 4th Place. Certain individuals think they are so special and wonderful, that they deserve to pave over the courtyards (which they don't own) in front of their houses and park their cars in them. Meanwhile, the neighbors and the community pay for it with the cheapened, degraded appearance of the block. But Gary! You ask. Isn't that one less car on the streets, jockeying for a space? NO! Because now you are tricked into thinking you'll get a ticket for blocking a legal driveway . . . and parking enforcement will probably be fooled, too.

This will be a matter of some discussion, I imagine, at Thursday's CB6 transportation Committee hearing. Details below:
Dec 20 Transportation

Presentation and discussion of Intro 619, a local law to amend the administrative code for the city of New York, in relation to eliminating professional certification of plans submitted to the Department of Buildings regarding curb cuts and requiring notification of the Community Boards and Council Members upon receipt by the Department of Buildings of an application for a curb cut.

Presentation and discussion of Intro 620, a local law to amend the administrative code for the city of New York, in relation to requiring the illegally created curb cuts liable for penalties, requiring the Department of Transportation to restore illegally created curb cuts and providing for the reimbursement to the department for the cost of the work.

Presentation and discussion of two new Revocable Consent applications submitted to the Department of Transportation on behalf of P.S. 67 Development LLC for two planted area structures to be erected in front of new buildings at 370 and 372 12th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues).

Cobble Hill Community Meeting Room
250 Baltic Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

6:30 PM


stoopball said...

A few years ago I fought an illegal curb cut. A neighbor just cut the curb, painted it blue (in an effort to have us all think it was a disable spot) and had tickets issued for those of us who continued to park in front of her house - and we were issued tickets. As long as the police are authorized to issue tickets for obstructing driveways (no matter that they are illegal) and then tow cars away, illegal curb cuts will continue to be a frustrating problem - and more so because the police then becomes involved as aiding and abetting the driveway owner in blatant violation of the law. By the way, Community Board 10 conducted a survey and found that 70% of all driveways in Bay Ridge were illegal. Owners are fined when the DOB is called, but those fines do not have to be paid until the house is sold!!! Bloomberg should take a note of all these unpaid fines - they would be a great source of revenue in lieu of bridge tolls. The end of the story of the illegal driveway is our block fought for a year, but the owner eventually got a permit and her driveway - which, by the way looks like hell.

Cap'n Transit said...
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Cap'n Transit said...

These two bills are definitely progress, but I'm still hoping that someone richer than me will establish an Anti-Curb Cut Fund.

Anonymous said...

Illegal curb cuts, NYPD & DOT should take action on this issue due to the fact that DOB “IS NOT” doing anything to solve the problem. A fine of $2,500.00 that will sit for over 10 years with no actions taken is not enough. Ticket the cars on there illegal car ports/pads as illegally parked cars and a hazard to passing pedestrians and children playing on the sidewalks. By ticketing the vehicle numerous amounts of times can either become very costly to the owner or have the car impounded which will force the home owner to correct the problem.