Sunday, October 14, 2007

Qwest/Nacchio: More DOJ Politicization

There are a few mind-boggling things about this week's news on Joseph Nacchio (former CEO of Qwest, prosecuted for insider trading).

First, this appears to have been another case of political prosecution by Bushco (Scott Horton at Harper's has lately been fantastic tying together these stories).

Second, and more important: this case shows that the Bush administration was already putting it's spying apparatus into place in February 2001 . . . long before "9/11 changed everything." They've been building their spying network since the beginning, and September 11th was just a handy excuse for what they were doing.

And here I thought I'd lost my capacity to be surprised.

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Wildcat70 said...

This is a sad commentary on our country.
As a supporter of George Bush I am very dismayed and disappointed at the prosecution of Joseph Nacchio.
It is becoming clearer every day that this was a political prosecution and certainly not a fair trial.