Wednesday, October 31, 2007

100 Luquer Street

I walked past 100 Luquer today, taking a leisurely stroll back from an interview with BCAT about the Smith and Ninth renovation and the Culver Viaduct. The project has risen fairly quickly, with about 2/3 of its 11 stories up at this point(see Curbed for current photo).

The project is allowed to grow to this height for two reasons. First, our local zoning is R-6, which does not have the height limit it should (which is why many of us are pushing for a downzoning to R-6B). Second, Hamilton Ave is a wide street (at least 75' wide), which provides a density bonus to a developer. The lot in question extends from Luquer to Hamilton Ave, with the building actually sited up against Hamilton.

All right, nobody is particularly happy about the height of this thing. But to add insult to injury, the front yard of this thing is going to be a parking lot. I figured the deep setback would be a walled off garden space, with a low front wall to preserve the street line. But take a look at the rendering above. It's a surface parking lot. I'm sure the neighbors will be thrilled.

Rendering pilfered from


Anonymous said...

14 off-street parking spaces

Anonymous said...

Smell those fumes...
Watch the crotch scratching drivers as they wait to enter the BBT.
What else will a million , or better, buy??

Anonymous said...

You are a retard (and by that, I mean you can probably do anything).

If you don't like it, buy it yourself and see what you end up building.

Or, better yet, move away to the suburbs, where buildings don't bother you.

This is New York, you fool.