Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New Giants/Jets Stadium Renderings - Transit Included

I've been a casual Giants fan all my life, and been to the occasional Jets game as well. Typically, I don't get that excited about new stadiums, because it's difficult for me to look past a poor use of public money to subsidize wealthy team owners. (As is virtually always the case). Curbed has a rundown with links to today's NYT story and more renderings.

But the renderings for the new Meadowlands complex do get me excited about one thing: prominent rail access to the stadium. In the new renderings at top and bottom, you can see that their is a new NJ Transit facility right next to the new stadium . . . a big improvement.

Plenty of people will be able to meet car-commuting friends to tailgate in the parking lots. I imagine that the new Xanadu complex will also have some sort of beer garden or sports bars (or both) that will be serving up pre- and post-game fare as well.

So, there is a ray of sunshine in this giant boondoggle in the Meadowlands: at least it will be accessible by mass transit.

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