Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The MTA and the Blogs

Mike Rundle has a good article in the Metro today about the MTA and feedback from the blogosphere, and the verdict is . . . . our voices matter.
A recent online petition to reintroduce express service on the F line began as a post on the “Brooklyn Streets, Carroll Gardens” blog. The petition picked up the support of thousands of residents — as well as politicians and transit advocates — in only a few days. Now Metro has learned Councilman Bill de Blasio and NYC Transit officials expect to meet tomorrow to discuss the issue, which had lain dormant for years.
Ben Kabak has a good rundown of the article over at Second Avenue Sagas (and gets a quote in as well).

And for my part, I spoke to NYC Transit representative Andrew Inglesby yesterday. No promises were made, but he assured me that the MTA is exploring options for restoring the F express after the Culver rehabilitation is completed . . . and also looking for ways to enhance service while the construction is under way. And I believe that is true, and further believe that our voices have made a big difference.

I'll have a chance to talk to DeBlasio Thursday during the zoning discussion (see this post) and let you know what happens.

For now, I think things are moving in the right direction. Councilmen Simcha Felder and Domenic Recchia have upped the ante with MTA, stating that they will oppose any rate hike in the future without F express service restored (thanks Jen). And thank you to all 3600 of you who signed the petition.

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