Thursday, August 23, 2007


Barack Obama was here in Brooklyn last night, electrifying a large audience at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott.

I've long been undecided in the Democratic primary, with the sole caveat that I do not want Hillary as our candidate. Last night pulled me a long ways toward the Obama camp. Barack is sounding more and more like a true progressive candidate, and spoke candidly about his views.

The speech was powerful, the crowd was young and hung on every word, and applause was frequent and enthusiastic. Obama's stump speech wound up with a colorful story and a call and response that definitely left the crowd Fired up! and hungry for more.

I understand that many people were not able to get in, and I feel for those that didn't make it. I haven't yet watched Obama's Daily Show appearance from before the rally, but it is online here.

Photos via Brandon Kings and Kyllo's Flickr (by way of Gothamist).


Anonymous said...

Frankly, it is 'progressive' attitudes like yours that are primary reason republicans have controlled this country for so long. Your 'caveat' is anti. Not for - you want to stop a candidate that failed to live up to every PC position you want.
More years in office and more scrutiny and Obama would also fail your litmus test.
If you were for Obama based on his issues that would be great. But as anti-Hillary candidate - you have bought the in-fighting devisive talk of right-wing america.
Great to be for a candidate. To be anti-candidate is also progressive is why democrats have such problems.

gary said...
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gary said...

Obama is still something of a cipher precisely because of his short tenure in national politics. What I have seen, I have liked.

I love John Edwards platform. I was a supporter of Howard Dean, who was truly done in by "the in-fighting derisive talk of right-wing america".

Last time around we ended up with John Kerry, who was "electable" as you presumably believe Hillary to be.

I am anti-Hillary because of her abject failure to stand up for progressive values. I want REAL change in this country, not just more competently run wars and a shuffling of the rich cronies lined up at the trough.

Congratulations: You're my very first concern troll!