Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Atlantic Avenue Tunnel

I've been meaning to post on this for some time, but never got around to it. My neighbor Celia told me about the long lost Atlantic Avenue Tunnel in June. Then McBrooklyn did a post on it.

And today, Bob Guskind over at Gowanus Lounge has posted on it as well, and I can't put it off any longer. I've already emailed Bob Diamond at the Brooklyn Historic Railway Association to plead for a berth on the next tour.
Bob Diamond rediscovered the long forgotten Atlantic Avenue Tunnel in 1980. The Brooklyn Historic Railway Association (BHRA) was formed in 1982 to restore the historic tunnel. BHRA successfully filed and received designation for the tunnel on the National Register of Historic Places. BHRA continues to maintain and conduct tours and events within the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel.
There are few things that get me more excited than lost and abandoned infrastructure. There is a magical quality about these things that makes me feel like a kid again.

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