Saturday, June 30, 2007

Exciting Times for Transit Planning in New York City

The prospect of bringing back the F express seems to have captured the imaginations of many, which has been very gratifying. Thousands of people are eager for a better, faster, more comprehensive mass transit system.

Credit where due, the PlaNYC proposals have stimulated people's way of thinking about transit and our city. The voices in the wilderness for the past several decades have suddenly been handed a megaphone. Suddenly it seems we're taking a fresh look at the way New York gets around, and open to making big changes for the better. I'm excited about what's going on in this city today.

Here are some other proposals that are under consideration:
Those are some of the things that get me excited about the future. We need the type of dedicated, responsible leadership that will make these proposals a reality.

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Jennifer said...

Although we posted a bit on the Bay Ridge Tunnel it does not seem to be a viable alternate route. This tunnel is a part of the Cross Harbor Freight Movement Project.
GO to number 4 here and check out the map. I think this could only make traffic in Brooklyn much much worse.

Many local Community Boards in
Brooklyn and Queens have expressed concern that this will actually increase truck traffic on local streets since they'll all be streamlined into one route (map). Essentially although it would benefit Manhattan it wouldn't benefit us.