Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More Gore: Al in NYC over Memorial Day Weekend

Azi Paybarah at Politicker with transcript excerpts from Gore's interview with Charlie Rose before a live audience. Photo credit to Joyce Culver via 92Y Blog.

Gore is out pushing his new book, The Assault on Reason, which is on my wish list at the moment. What I've read already is a fantastic look at everything that's wrong with our current political discourse. And I especially love the title of Paybarah's post: Gore on the Cowardly, Vacuous, Catch-Penny Political Press.

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phelpsy07040 said...

See man, Al should just keep doing what he's doing. It has so much more credibility than if he was campaigning. I believe because of his singular uniqueness in our political landscape (the most shafted politician of all time), he gets a break from the press, who basically allow him to talk about whatever it is he wants to talk about. Almost never is he challenged or marginalized (the recent david brooks article-one of the worst ever printed in the NYT- excepted). If he went back into politics, the reversion to form of the press would be instantaneous. Russert et al would be on him like white on rice.