Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gore/Obama '08!

Jim Sleeper at TPM Cafe ponders a Gore-Obama ticket for the Dems in '08. As I've already stated, this is my dream ticket for the party next year.


phelpsy07040 said...

hah! gore's finally good at something...why would he give up his successful post-politics "voice" to do what he does worst- campaign. never going to happen. though I find myself daydreaming about it too. I'm still an edwards guy, as I was in 04. no way obama and hil can get a plurality of votes.

gary said...

I do like Edwards message, but he still hasn't closed the deal for me. I was for Dean in 2004, Edwards was my second choice after Dean was railroaded by establishment Dems and flamed out.

Hillary I just can't see getting elected. Antiwar dems don't like her, and the wingers rabidly hate her. My saintly grandmother even has a negative opinion of her.