Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Frost/Nixon, ???/Bush

Saw Frost/Nixon last night, which was phenomenal. An overarching theme of the play is that Ford's pardon short-circuited the justice process, ensuring that Nixon would never be held to account for the crimes he committed in office. Could Frost nail down the wily Nixon?

The elephant in the theater, of course, is the Bush Administration, which has gone far beyond the crimes of the Nixon administration in it's abuse of power and institutionalized lawlessness. Thanks to a toadying Republican Congress and a shamefully compliant Washington press corps, these abuses still remain largely hidden.

Former DAG James Comey's startling testimony before the SJC yesterday provides a thread that Congress needs to keep pulling. Glenn Greenwald has a good rundown here.

It's long past time for a special prosecutor. The tainted legacy of Ford's pardon of Nixon has been played out to our country's (and the world) detriment repeatedly, from Iran/Contra to the NSA domestic spying, as President's have violated the law and the Constitution with impunity.. We need to remind ourselves that no man is above the law, not even the President.

The crimes of George W. Bush must be investigated and any candidate for President in 2008 must pledge: No pardons for the Bushies.


Anonymous said...

Gary -- Couldn't agree more. Love the blog. How do I get emailed updates ?


Gary said...

I haven't figured that out yet. Still working on this drawing on the cave wall thing.