Thursday, May 24, 2007

Congestion Pricing Polls Out

Azi Paybarah has the latest congestion pricing poll results over at The Politicker.

Not surprisingly, the plan is much more popular in Manhattan than the outer boroughs, but taken as a whole, the city is split roughly evenly, 46-45 on the plan. This, for a plan that was considered laughable only months ago, is significant in my book.

Expect support to rise as specific service enhancements to the transit system are offered. (F line express, cough cough).

Scratch some of that. I don't know how to strikethrough yet or I would, but it seems current opinion is actually stacked more against the plan . . . the 46-45 split was over whether congestion was a serious problem. Streetsblog has a more in-depth treatment of the poll . . . and Streetsblog commenter Glenn has an excellent critique of the poll's many flaws.

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