Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Comprehensive Subway map

From Newsday via SecondAvenueSagas, we learn that the MTA is hiring someone to map out all the forgotten corners of the subway system, ostensibly for security purposes. What I wouldn't do to get that map on my office wall in blueprint size.

When I was about twelve or so, the X-Men introduced a storyline about a community of mutants living in an abandoned subway tunnel deep under Manhattan. Preposterous! I thought, as I suspended my disbelief for telekinesis and adamantium claws.

But damned if I wasn't shocked to learn, as a full grown man, that there's a lot of abandoned track down there, and some of it apparently unmapped. I hope this comprehensive map does not get locked down entirely, but is available to planning and transit groups. It would be a useful tool for identifying areas to reopen or extend the system, e.g. express service on the F in BKLN and of course, the 2nd Ave subway.

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